Physiotherapy & Pilates

Mat Pilates


Contrology (Pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit
— Joseph Pilates

ALL MAT CLASS RUN IN TERMS. THE TERMs are 10 weeks and follow the nsw school terms. the cost is $130 for the term or $18 for a casual class. please read the terms & Conditions here. term passes available for purchase here

Pilates level 1 - Beginners

This mat based group Pilates class teaches the foundations of Pilates. It is designed for beginners, those who are less active or those who would like to master the basics before progressing to one of the more advanced classes. This class is great to develop the foundations of core stability, improve posture, correct muscle imbalances and general body toning. This class is suitable for you if you are injury free, comfortable getting up and down from the floor and can lie on your back, side, stomach and do exercises on hands and knees. If you’re not sure, please contact us or take a look at our Remedial Exercise classes. Classes run for 55 minutes. Please bring a towel, water and socks. This class does not attract a rebate from private health insurers.

Pilates Level 2 - Intermediate

This mat based class builds on the exercises from level 1, the exercises require a higher level of strength and control and less time is spent on instructing the basic principles of Pilates. It is assumed participants have attended level 1 and are familiar with the Pilates concepts and terms used. Classes run for 55 minutes. Please bring a towel and water. This class does not attract a rebate from private health insurers.

Pre-Natal Pilates

This class is designed to help develop strength and flexibility in those areas that are put under extra stress throughout pregnancy. It also helps build strength that is required to cope with the demands of motherhood.  An assessment is required at our clinic prior to starting the classes. Please bring the completed clearance form (found here) signed by your GP or obstetrician. This class does not attract a rebate from private health insurers.

Post Natal Pilates 

Bring along your baby and join other mothers in our post-natal Pilates class. This class consists of exercises to help your body recover from the changes that have occurred throughout pregnancy as well as strengthening and flexibility to help cope with the new demands of being a mother. This is a great form of exercise to start with after having a baby, to build the appropriate foundations of strength before commencing other forms of exercise.  You must be at least six weeks post-natal, or eight if you have had a caesarean. This class does not attract a rebate from private health insurers.