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Bladder Control Problem?

Do any of these apply to you?

  • do you sometimes feel you have not completely emptied your bladder?
  • do you have to rush to use the toilet?
  • are you frequently nervous because you think you might lose control of your bladder?
  • do you wake up twice or more during the night to go to the toilet?
  • do you leak before you get to the toilet?
  • do you plan your daily routine around where the nearest toilet is?
  • do you leak when you laugh or sneeze?
  • do you leak when you lift something heavy?
  • do you leak when you play sport?
  • do you leak when you change from a seated or lying position to a standing position?

If you answered YES to any of the above - this may be an indication that you may have a bladder control problem. 

Many people put up with these bladder symptoms, accepting it as a normal part of ageing, or from having babies. However, it is important to know that none of these symptoms are normal, and treatment is available and can be quite successful! It is common to have bladder control problems (almost 4 million Australians suffer with incontinence) so don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek help.  


Here a few tips to get you started to better bladder control:

  • try not to go to the toilet ‘just in case’ 
  • take time to fully empty your bladder
  • do not strain when emptying your bowels
  • drink water according to your thirst (if you’re adequately hydrated, your urine will be pale and bowel motions soft)
  • cut down on caffeine and alcohol - these can act as irritants to your bladder
  • keep your pelvic floor muscles strong, with regular pelvic floor exercises.


The Continence Foundation has lots of great resources and Vanessa is available for confidential discussion on whether a pelvic floor physiotherapy consultation is appropriate for you. To learn more, the next workshop on pelvic floor disorders (prolapse, stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder) will be held on February the 8th 2016.