Obstetric tens hire

We hire out Elle TENS plus obstetric TENS machines for use during labour. The TENS machine can be added to your 'toolkit' of options for pain relief during labour. It will not eliminate your pain, but can be used to help you cope. It can also be used with other forms of pain relief.

The TENS machine works by placing electrodes on your back and connecting the TENS machine via cords. The TENS machine will then emit a mild electrical current to the electrodes. TENS can help reduce your labour pain via two mechanisms:

  1. the mild electrical current can block the pain messages to the brain resulting in pain relief
  2. the electrical current can help produce endorphins (a pain relieving chemical) in your body 

The sensation felt will be similar to tingling or a buzzing sensation. The benefit of using an obstetric TENS machine is that it has a specially designed BOOST function for an extra surge of pain relief during a contraction. 

Some women will not be able to use a TENS machine (e.g. implanted metal in the area, pacemaker etc.) and you can not use the unit in water, please contact us for more information or to determine if a TENS machine is suitable for you. 

The TENS machine is hired out over a period of 6 weeks (from 37 weeks) for $70.00, this includes a free consultation on how to use the machine properly. It's best not to leave it to the last minute so that you are familiar with how to use it when labour starts. Contact us for more information.